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Generating more sales is a top priority for most small business owners but many fail – due to a lack of basic sales training.

Salespeople are often asked to go out there and SELL – yet lack the necessary training and skills to do their job effectively.

That’s why we’ve developed our ‘Fundamental Sales for Inexperienced Sellers’ online course.

Packed with 10 sales training modules +10 downloadable sales tools + 10 hours of sales development – our step by step practical guide will help you generate more sales, retain more customers and grow your business faster! 

Aimed at ‘sales shy’ business owners or underperforming salespeople – our new ‘Sales Confidence Builder’ training module combines traditional coaching techniques with a more ‘holistic’ approach by incorporating EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) i.e. ‘Tapping’ – to help address the underlying causes of your lack of sales confidence and self-belief.

Aimed at professionals or professional companies – our new ‘Selling for Professionals’ training module will help you or your team develop the necessary sales skills and techniques needed for today’s discerning and competitive market. Learn about ‘reputational selling‘, building relationships and trust, as well as how to sell to different buyer personality types.

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