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Helping small businesses increase their survival odds…

The ‘help’ sector consists of a wide choice of business coaches and business advisers who provide a valuable service in helping small businesses survive – but they are, by nature, generalists i.e. they know less about more.

As a sales specialist with over twenty-five year’s selling experience, we know more about sales.

We can help introduce more structure and consistency to your sales with a defined customer strategy, a formulated sales process and some proven selling technique. This, in turn, will help your business:

  1. Grow more organically – reducing the need for funding
  2. Better manage late payers – with improved cash flow
  3. Offer more competitive pay – to attract and retain talent
  4. Be more competitive – to increase your market share
  5. Invest in the future – with more predictable sales revenue

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Helping small businesses develop their sales skills…

Generating more sales is always a top priority for small business owners but many struggle – due to a lack of sales training and ‘know-how’. Salespeople are also asked to go out and SELL, yet often lack the necessary training, skills and support they need, to do their job effectively.

That’s why we’ve developed our comprehensive ‘Fundamental Sales’, ‘Selling for Professionals’ and ‘Build Your Sales Confidence’ online sales training courses – packed with 10 or more practical training lessons, covering every step of the sale and FREE downloadable sales tools for you to use and keep 

If you are looking for a more specialist course – then why not try our ‘Generating & Nurturing Leads’, ‘Objection Handling & Negotiation Skills’ or ‘Closing the Deal’ online mini-courses – packed with at least 5 practical training lessons and 3 FREE downloadable sales tools for you to use and keep 

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