As business owners, we typically send our salespeople and customer-facing staff out to deal with clients and prospects but perhaps are guilty of not giving them the necessary training, tools and techniques – to be able to do their jobs as effectively as they could?

Lack of training is always given as one of the top reasons for salespeople leaving their jobs and perhaps training is one of those things that can get put on the ‘back burner’ when corporate budgets are tight. ‘In-company training’ can certainly be a cost-effective way of upskilling your customer-facing staff and better equipping them for the modern challenges of today!

The main benefits of ‘In-company training’ and bringing a specialist trainer into your workplace are:

1. Ongoing investment in your most important assets i.e. your people

2. Minimal disruption to the business operation – with staff remaining onsite

3. Lower training costs – no need to pay for external premises/staff travel

4. Empowering staff to apply their new training immediately in their roles

5. Accessing expert specialist training – on demand and a time that suits you

Sale training tools, techniques, and methods are evolving to meet the ever-changing demands of buyers – so customer-facing staff need to be kept up to date with these changes, as well as being reminded of the fundamental basics that bring more consistent sales and account management performance.

If you are failing to keep hold of your sales talent and putting your customer-facing staff at a disadvantage (by making them compete against better trained and equipped rivals) – then maybe it’s time to schedule some in-company sales training for the last quarter of this year or early next year?

Scheduling some training now will mean that you and your customer-facing staff can start 2018 on a better footing, compared to previous years. Standing still in now going backwards in today’s ultra-competitive marketplace – so why not even up the odds with some specialist sales training! Procrastination is the silent business growth killer – so leaving any training for another year, will only harm the growth prospects of your business.

PDT Sales Consultancy training modules can be tailored to your specific needs and content can include – strategic sales planning, targeting the right markets, effective lead nurturing, increasing lead conversion rates, objecting handling and closing techniques, better account penetration, improving customer retention, branding development, public sector tender bids and sales phobia related training modules e.g. phone-a-phobia.

Investing in training your salespeople will help optimise their sales performance, increase productivity and improve staff retention (which helps provide continuity of contact for your customers) but don’t forget yourself – if you also do the ‘selling’.