A 2017 report by Infusionsoft found that nearly 31% of business owners identified ‘driving sales’ as their No. 1 business goal, whilst 23% said that they needed to ‘keep the customers they already had’.

The report also found that 47% of small business owners have no idea whether their marketing efforts are effective, whilst 10% know they aren’t effective! Furthermore, the top two challenges for business owners were ‘finding time and resource’ followed by ‘converting leads into customers’.

This is hardly surprising given that the research also found that 49% of business owners do the sales and marketing themselves – yet only a small percentage actually have a sales or marketing background!

Sales doesn’t stand still because customers’ buying habits and preferences don’t stand still. Today’s’ savvy buyer is much more sophisticated and educated now than they were even five years ago – therefore how you approach your sales, must be much more sophisticated than previously.

Start with the fundamentals of sales first and then build on that. Once you have a defined customer strategy, a consistent sales process and some proven selling technique in place – then you can start to ‘sophisticate’ your sales further.

This will help you meet the challenges set by the modern savvy buyer and allow you to prioritise something else other than ‘driving more sales’ as your number one business priority for 2019!

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