About PDT Sales Consultancy

PDT Sales Consultancy was founded by Paul Durrant FISM, MIC, MIoD & IAHT, who is a qualified sales professional, public speaker and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) coach, with over 30 years’ experience in selling to all types of sector.

Paul has spoken at many regional and national corporate events and venues, including The Business Show, Startup 2019 and LBC’s Business Hour.

Through his lead, Paul brings a wealth of knowledge in helping start-ups and established SME businesses fix their sales related problems, optimise their sales and upskill their salespeople.


Many small business owners ‘shy away’ from sales because of a lack of know-how, experience or a lack of confidence – but sales is how we all make a living and turn a profit!

Modern sales is now all about providing today’s educated buyer with greater insight, to help them make a more informed buying decision.

Sellers can do this by positioning their knowledge and expertise, over their solution.


PDT Sales Consultancy can help you enable your sales by adopting a more systematic approach to your selling, along with developing your general sales acumen and confidence.

Companies that seek and engage external specialist help, grow faster and as a sales specialist (rather than a generalist business coach or adviser) — we can help you grow your sales and business faster.

Sustainability Policy

VISION: Our corporate vision is to provide ethical, professional sales advice that will help local businesses prosper and grow.

MISSION: We use the term ‘sustainability’ to describe our long-term aim of balancing our business priorities with our social, economic and environmental responsibilities. These efforts align with our higher purpose of providing ethical, professional sales advice to help local businesses prosper and grow.

BUSINESS PRACTICE: Our business practice is guided by the following principles: Honesty, Integrity, Transparency and Continuous Improvement. Like many small businesses, we face a number of challenges and due to the direct impact of these challenges on our operation (as well as our community) – we have prioritised the following issues: Business Support, Youth Development, Conservation and Air Quality.

1. We believe we have the ability to make a positive impact on the lives of future generations
2. We aim to reduce our carbon emissions – to help improve air quality within the local community
3. We are committed to managing and conserving the natural resources – needed by our business
4. Our ethical approach includes working within the relevant laws and adhering to local codes of practice

Community Commitments

The IOD (Institute of Directors) Essex branch host an annual ‘Aspirations in Business’ youth challenge, for business study students across the county. As a branch ambassador and ‘table host’ volunteer, I help mentor the students through their various business-related challenges. At the end of the event, students are asked to present their results back and given constructive feedback. The students get to network with fellow peers and engage with local business owners, who could be future employers.

As a school mentor volunteer for Career Ready, I deliver skills-based masterclasses to year seven to year 11 students – as well as mentor individual students on a monthly one-to-one basis. These students have been identified as having unrealised potential and the aim is for them to realise this potential with the help of someone who is not a teacher. This is just as rewarding for the mentors – as they get to have a positive impact on a young persons’ development.

St Luke’s Hospice in Basildon provides valuable palliative care for those that have a terminal illness and are approaching the end of their life. Like any charity, St Luke’s Hospice has to constantly raise funds to pay for the medical care, counseling, and upkeep of the hospice. I try and help by volunteering as a race marshal to help out at fun runs, sponsored walks, and other fundraising events. These events cannot proceed unless there are sufficient marshals, so I am happy to do my bit – by volunteering along with the other marshals.

As a STEM (Steps to Environmental Management) Gold accredited business, I have gone through a series of assessments (Blue, Silver and Gold) to improve my environmental performance. STEM is an accredited environmental management scheme available through LoCASE (Low Carbon Across the South East) which gives small businesses the tools to measure their carbon footprint and reduce their carbon emissions. I am proud to be a low carbon business, knowing that I am doing my small bit to help mitigate climate change.

ORB (Organisation for Responsible Businesses) is a community of like-minded small businesses based in and around Essex, that have sustainability at the heart of what they do. This means operating in an ethical, responsible, sustainable and environmentally minded way as well as helping contribute towards the local community. ORB members meet up regularly to network, compare best practice and raise money for local charitable causes and I am proud to be a member.