About PDT Sales Consultancy


PDT Sales Consultancy was founded by Paul Durrant, who is a certified sales professional, public speaker and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) coach, with over 25 years’ experience in selling to all types of sector.

Paul has spoken at many regional and national corporate events and venues, including The Business Show and LBC’s Business Hour hosted by Clive Bull.

Paul Durrant

                   Paul Durrant                           FISM, MIC, MIoD & IAHT Accredited

PDT Sales Consultancy

    Through his lead, Paul brings a wealth of knowledge in helping start-ups and established SME businesses fix their sales related problems, optimise their sales performance and upskill their salespeople.


Many small business owners ‘shy away’ from sales because they either don’t understand it, they don’t have time for it, they don’t think they need it or are just not confident with it – but sales is how we all make a living and turn a profit! Modern sales is now about providing today’s sophisticated and educated buyer with more insight. Sellers can do this by positioning their knowledge and expertise, over their solution.


PDT Sales Consultancy helps you modernise your sales by adopting a more systematic approach to selling, along with developing your general sales acumen. 

Companies that seek and engage external specialist help, grow faster and as a sales specialist (rather than a generalist business coach or adviser) – we can help you grow your sales and business faster.