Paul Durrant
Founder of PDT Sales Consultancy

About PDT Sales Consultancy

PDT Sales Consultancy was founded by Paul Durrant who is a certified sales professional with over 25 years sales and business development experience.

Through his lead, Paul brings a wealth of knowledge in helping start-ups and established businesses fix their sales related problems, optimise their sales performance, and upskill their salespeople.

Many businesses shy away from sales because they just don’t understand it or feel that it is, in some way,¬†distasteful. Sales should be about helping a buyer solve a problem or enriching their lives in some way i.e. providing a valuable service. PDT Sales Consultancy helps businesses appreciate this distinction, by introducing more customer strategy, sales process and selling technique i.e. selling smarter, selling better and selling more.

This specialist approach differentiates PDT Sales Consultancy from your other ‘help sector’ options i.e. generalist business coaches and advisers.