Entrepreneurship Coaching

Psychologists have long argued as to whether entrepreneurs are born or made. There have also been many studies attempting to answer this nature v. nurture entrepreneur question but the collective evidence is rather inconclusive?

It’s our belief that if you have been courageous enough to start your own business – then you are certainly on the entrepreneurial spectrum. Where you go from there i.e. your final destination, the path that you need to take and what legacy you want to leave – does, however, require more than just courage.

Having worked with some very successful serial entrepreneurs, PDT Sales Consultancy can help you develop a ‘growth mindset’ and adopt best entrepreneurial practice, all of which will help take your business to the next level.

Is Your Mindset Holding You Back?

Entrepreneurship Audit

Our entrepreneurship progamme involves auditing you against a number of recognised entrepreneurial traits and understanding the following:

  • What your current mindset is?
  • How strategic you are?
  • What your passions are?
  • How resilient you are?
  • Your approach to risk-taking?
  • The type of legacy you want to leave?

From this entrepreneurial audit, we can help you build a roadmap that takes you to your desired destination!

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Entrepreneurship Testimonial