Sales Health Check

Having a Sales Health Check from an external sales specialist like PDT Sales Consultancy — is the best way for a small to medium sized business to gauge their current sales performance and business growth potential, objectively.

What is a Sales Health Check?
The PDT Sales Consultancy Sales Health Check is a professional and impartial assessment of your entire sales function and it’s entirely FREE! Using our 25 years’ experience in sales, we assess the 12 key drivers that drive sales performance and from this assessment, you get a written report highlighting your key selling strengths and areas that need attention.

Why Have a Sales Health Check?
Understanding which sales drivers to engage and which ones to leave alone – will allow you to concentrate your efforts on how best to optimise your sales performance. Having a more structured approach to sales is also proven to help with lead conversion and customer retention, as well.

What Happens After the Sales Health Check?
If we feel we cannot help you, then we will tell you (rather than waste your time or money) and signpost to someone that can. If we feel we can help – then we will send you a cost-effective set of proposals on how to take your sales performance to the next level. The next step is then up to you!

Next Steps
If you are an SME business based in Essex, North Kent, East or Central London – then please complete the web form on this site, to request your FREE Sales Health Check. For businesses outside of this area – then please enquire about our ‘out of area’ charges.

NB. Work can be priced per the hour, for a guaranteed number of retained hours per month, for a fixed project or for a half day or full-day workshop.


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Sale Health Check

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