Sales Support

Sales Administration

We can help you with these sales related resources:

  • ‘Smarketing’ plans
  • Value propositions
  • Sales process mapping
  • Sales methodologies
  • Sales proposal templates
  • Public sector tender bids
  • Grants & awards applications
  • Low carbon/sustainable practice

Professionalise your sales administration to increase your credibility!

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Sales Candidate Selection

If you are looking to employ new salespeople, then we can help by:

  • Reviewing the candidate’s application and CV
  • Managing the candidate’s interview process
  • Setting their job description and remuneration
  • Managing the candidate’s induction period
  • Managing the candidate’s probationary period
  • Managing the candidate’s ongoing training

Don’t leave sales recruitment to chance and get the right candidate first time!

Sales Competency Reviews

We can assist you in upskilling your salespeople by:

  • Conducting a 10 point sales competency review
  • Determining their preferred learning style
  • Carrying out a personality profile test
  • Conducting a ‘values’ exercise
  • Identifying priority development areas
  • Building evidence-based sales training programmes

Many salespeople leave their job due to a lack of training!