Sales Academy

Training Options

We can tailor our training to your specific needs, with the following options:

  • Cost-of-living-crisis recovery workshop
  • Group or 1-2-1 training
  • Sales leadership coaching
  • Seminars, webinars and talks
  • Cost-effective online training courses
  • FREE Sales training assessment
Upskilling, training and development is essential for improving sales performance and productivity. Business owners and sales leaders must also build on their own skills – if they are to develop themselves, retain their talent and grow their business.

We can work with business owners, sales leaders and sales teams as an external coach or training partner, to provide onsite training and coaching or a blended onsite/online programme.

Alternatively, book us to speak at your next scheduled conference, seminar or event.

*Book a bespoke online 1-2-1 ‘Cost of living crisis’ recovery session and get your sales back on track!

Group or 1-2-1 sales training courses

Understanding the mindset of buyers and adapting to hybrid/remote selling are top priorities for small business owners (especially in tougher trading times like these). Salespeople are also asked to go out and SELL, yet often lack the necessary training, tools and techniques

That’s why we’ve developed our ‘Neuroscience Sales’, ‘Essential Sales Toolkit for SME’s’ and ‘How to do Inside Sales’ training courses – all packed with practical lessons + FREE sales tools to use and keep.

If you sell in the legal sector, finance sector or other professional services – then why not try our ‘Selling for Professionals’ sales training course. Aimed at non-sales types, this training course will help you build your value proposition around ethical business practice and trust.

Maybe you want to develop your entrepreneurial acumen – then try our ‘Entrepreneurial Sales’ course (to accompany my new book) or ‘Fundamental Sales’ training courses – packed with 10 or more practical lessons + FREE sales tools to use and keep.

For all you fearful public speakers (it’s the third most common phobia), try our ‘Master Public Speaking’ course and for those non-sales types in coaching, training, health and wellbeing, who want to sell in a more mindful manner – then our ‘Mindful Sales’ course is for you.

Maybe you’re an independent retailer looking to pitch or sell your wares – then try our ‘How to Pitch to Retail Buyers’ or ‘Boost your Trade Show Sales’ training courses – packed with 10 practical lessons + FREE sales tools to use and keep.

Finally, if you are looking to boost your sales confidence or want more bitesize training – then try our ‘Build Your Sales Confidence’, ‘Nurturing Leads’, ‘Objection Handling’, ‘Negotiation Skills’ or ‘Closing the Deal’ training courses – packed with 5+ practical training lessons and 3 or more FREE sales tools to use and keep.