Sustainability Policy


Vision Our corporate vision is to provide ethical and professional sales advice that will help local businesses grow and prosper.

Mission We use the term “sustainability” to describe our long-term aim of balancing our business priorities with our social, economic and environmental responsibilities. These efforts align with our higher purpose of providing ethical and professional sales advice to help local businesses grow and prosper.

Business Practice Our business practice is guided by the following principles: Honesty, Integrity, Transparency and Continuous Improvement. Like many small businesses, we face a number of challenges and due to the direct impact of these challenges on our operation, as well as our local community – we have prioritised the following issues: Youth Development, Air Quality and Conservation.

Duty of Care

• We believe we have the ability to make a positive impact on the lives of the next generation

• We aim to reduce our carbon emissions to help improve the air quality within our local community

• We are committed to managing and conserving the natural resources, needed by our business

• Our ethical approach includes working within the law and adhering to affiliated codes of practice

2018 Objectives The following key targets have been identified as part of our overall sustainable business objectives:

We commit to:

1. Minimise our environmental impacts in the areas of energy conservation and air quality.

– kWh energy use at home office: Reduction of 10% (achieved 12%: 72 kWhs). – Emissions produced by car travel: Reduction of 10% (achieved 11%: 572 miles).

2. Give back to communities by volunteering and charitable giving.

– Value of community & volunteering work: 78 hours (annual total). – Value of donations to partnered charities: £435.00 (annual total).

3. Ensure our supply chain has responsible social and environmental practices.

– Percentage of suppliers used who meet company minimum sustainability guidelines: 75%.

Reporting & Review We will report on our sustainability targets once a year and this policy statement will be reviewed on an annual basis or when there is a material change to our business or market sector.