“Paul has spoken at many of our Enterprise Nation events, and we always invite him back to speak because he offers excellent advice to founders. Not only this but he provides tailored and practical worksheets/resources to help founders on their sales journey. I’d highly recommend Paul for any speaking, training or advice based opportunities if you want to help grow a business. “

Enterprise Nation

Emma Greenfield - Head of events and promotion

“I found PDT Sales Consultancy’s ‘Selling For Professionals’ online course to be very helpful and thought the information and examples provided a good series of actionable insights. I also liked the shared templates and document samples at the end of each unit – something tangible and useful to take away. I’m sure other professionals will find it very helpful – I definitely did.”
VL Project Management

Valentina Lorenzon (CMgr MCMI, FRSA, MAPM, FIOEE)

“Very engaging and I wasn’t bored. Interactive works best for me – so I really enjoyed it..”

City Business Library - Training Workshop

Feedback from delegate who attended workshop

“I received some sales training from Paul at PDT Sales Consultancy, as part of the London Growth Hub/Enterprise Nation ‘Meet The Buyer’ initiative and found this to be invaluable – for when pitching to major buyers in the future. I recently won a ‘pitching challenge’ competition and some of Paul’s strategies, techniques and examples were certainly a major contribution to my success. I now feel much more confident about pitching to major buyers and would thoroughly recommend working with Paul.”

Enterprise Nation - Small Business Member

Feedback from delegate on sales-pitch workshop, WinnerInno

“I collaborated with Paul around my Value Proposition Statement (VPS). I appreciated the way Paul explained things in great detail and encouraged me to think in a different way about what I was trying to achieve and why customers would choose me over a competitor. Paul was only too happy to make further comments and suggestions to help me to sharpen my statement, giving a real sense of what my business is trying to achieve. I would be more than happy to engage Paul`s services again.”
DSM Safeguarding Services Ltd

Deborah Somerset-Malia (Director)

“Paul provided us with an in-depth report about the corporate offsite storage sector, which included current market trends, developing our internal policies and how to differentiate our brand – all of which will assist us in targeting new customers.”


Ben Prouty (Partnership Manager)

“I found Paul’s advice a key attribute in building a sensible growth-oriented company, he constantly provided new ways of thinking and problem-solving. Proving himself as a great asset early in Weavee’s development lifecycle both as a mentor and advisor.”


James Grant (Discovery Executive)